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Sunday 31 March 2024

Simple Chicken Soup Recipe

 A few days ago, my husband suddenly sent a link to a chicken soup recipe. Wow, he definitely wants to eat chicken soup, even though I've never made it before.

When I studied the recipe, it seemed quite easy to put into practice. OK, tomorrow I'll buy the ingredients.

Oh yes, now you don't need to be good at cooking. Just look on the internet for the recipe you want and just choose and follow the steps in the recipe.

Usually I choose recipes from chefs who are quite well known. especially if there are comments, 'it's been recooked and it's really delicious'. Wow, I didn't hesitate any longer. 

So this is the simple chicken soup recipe

The ingredients are as follows:

1 chicken

5 cm ginger

8 pieces of garlic

5 red onions

3 cloves

1/2 nutmeg

2 cardamom pods

1 bunch celery

2 bunches of spring onions

2 tsp salt

2 tsp mushroom stock

1/2 tsp pepper

2 Liters of water

How to make:

1. Heat the water, add the chicken

2. Clean the dirt from the floating chicken

3. On another stove, saute crushed garlic, crushed shallots and crushed ginger until fragrant and add to the soup

4. Add other spices, cook over low heat until cooked.

5. Add celery and spring onions

6. Serve warm with fried shallots

This chicken soup cooks really quickly and surprisingly tastes delicious and fresh.

If you're not feeling well, eat this chicken soup, your body will feel better because it also has ginger to warm you up.

Especially when the weather is not friendly, rainy season, cold. It's delicious to eat this chicken soup.

You can try it. It's not complicated to make at all. The spices are also easy to get.

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